History30 years might not sound like an era yet.

But we have a lot to tell:

Our foundation takes us back into 1985, when the cloth department of the Hartenstein clothes shop is about to move into the newly built, next-door house. The completion of assortments is planned by introducing an independent traditional clothing house. The intention is to create a shop, typical of the whole area of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and attractive to a supraregional clientele. The house itself is adorned with deeply symbolic traditional Bavarian paintings, new product carriers are being developed, and a very unique assortment is created.

Altes Haus - Grasegger

Since then a lot of water has flown under the bridges of the our local river the “Loisach” – a number of things have been updated, our range of goods has been refined, store construction has been adapted, but our company´s core message remained untouched:

traditional Bavarian cloth is still positioned where it belongs: first floor, prime location!