FabricsOur do-it-yourself department.

Vivienne Westwood´s plea to get women back to their sewing machines might not completely be represented in our rooms, but anyone who enjoys creating their own fashion should not miss a visit to our do-it-yourself department:

Stoffe bei Grasegger

We calculated over 166 million different possibilities to create your own Dirndl within our assortment! This figure should not frighten you off, but encourage you to go your own way: Feel free to check for the most beautiful linen or cotton fabrics as well as corsage hooks and buttons made of horn or silver, handmade borders, the finest laces, edge bindings and applications. And above all: we offer an expert consulting service up to the most detailed question you might have.

You are still irresolute? Here is your solution: we create your individualised Dirndl in different cuts, and to your very own specifications. Just give us a call, we are waiting for your creativity.